How to buy dash camera channels

dash camera mounted on rear window

How to buy dash camera channels

Dash Cameras are available in many different configurations. You can buy dash cameras in the following channel configurations.

1 channel– Forward Facing

2 channel -Forward Facing and Rear Facing

2 channel with interior camera – Forward facing and an interior infrared camera typically common for rideshare drivers

Below I will discuss the differences between all these configurations.

1 Channel Front Camera

1 Channel dash cameras are used to capture video from the drivers view of the vehicle. In the video below you will see the view from a 1 channel dash camera only capturing the front of the vehicle. This particular dash camera has 140 degree wide angle viewing. Common uses for 1 channel dash cameras are for commercial trucking industry or car. The main reason it is used in commercial trucking industry is to settle claims a lot quicker. The 1 channel dash camera is mounted behind a rear view mirror with 2 way adhesive tape or in some instances a suction cup.

For Example: If you are driving down the highway and another car cuts you off aggressively causing an accident you now have footage that can prove your innocence. It will show the car cut you off and did not give you enough time to stop. It also gives your insurance company video evidence. On the other hand if an accident happens that is the drivers fault it now helps settle outside of court a lot speedier and move forward.

Pros: Record video of front of vehicle

Cons: Will not record rear of vehicle or interior

2 Channel Front/Rear

2 Channel dash cameras have become the most commonly used. In a 2 channel package you receive a front and rear facing camera. Install it with a parking mode installation cable allows you to record incidents while parked.

For instance if you have a truck where you carry tools or loads frequently in the bed of your truck, you can now record if any theft were to happen. Other possibilities are vandalism, in your community or vandalism of your personal property. I have customers where someone broke into their garage and the dash camera caught the thief and provided video evidence to the police. Accidents happen all the time and If another vehicle backs into you that event can now be captured.

Pros: Records front and rear of vehicle, silent witness for front and rear

Cons: Will not record interior of vehicle

2 Channel with interior camera this is commonly used for Rideshare, UBER, Taxi cab drivers. The interior camera has infrared technology. The Infrared (IR) Camera is specifically designed to be used for interior recording and is perfect for recording in low light conditions.

Why? To record in case there is any incidents in the interior of the vehicle. For instance: You give someone a ride home and they vandalize the interior of your vehicle. Instead of being here say you have video proof of the incident.

Pros: Recording front and interior of vehicle, Ride Share, Uber, taxi cabs

Cons: Will not cover rear of vehicle exterior


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