shop 2 channel dash cams

Shop 2 Channel Dash Cams

Shop our large selection of high-quality 2 channel dash cams now. Choose the one that fits you, and your car the best! Get a full picture of your driving to record everything from accidents to vandalism and hit-and-runs. With ultimate dual-channel dash cams selected by the Safe Drive Solutions team.

shop 2 channel dash cams

1 Channel or 2 Channel dash cam

What camera to choose – single-channel or dual-channel – is the question that all passionate drivers face when they are willing to ensure safety of their driving and get that peace of mind. 2 channel dash cams are a perfect solution for those who are seeking a full picture both in front and out of the rear. Let’s first however investigate what dual-channel cams are, and how they differ from single-channel ones.

 2 Cameras

To put it in a nutshell, dual-channel dash cams, also called front and rear dashboard cameras, are devices that are composed of two cameras – front and rear ones, connected by a wire. The two cameras allow to record both out of the front and rear windows of your car, which gives you sufficient proof in case someone hits you from the back.


If you seek extra protection, then front and rear dash cam is your must-have. The 2-channel dash cams presented at Safe Drive Solutions offer a large number of benefits that, for instance, include high resolution of 1080p and higher, up to the ultimate 4K video quality. This feature allows to see every detail on recorded videos, including number plates, people’s faces, road signs and other important objects.


Another stunning benefit that many of the dual-channel cams have is GPS that gives you an option to put a speed stamp in the video. WiFi, parking mode, loop recording and cloud-based storage are also some of the amazing features that our front and rear dash cams offer.


Shop 2 Channel Dash Cams at Safe Drive Solution now, and choose the cam to ensure safety of your driving!

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