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There’s an old saying that stands the test of time: accidents happen. And if you’ve been driving for many years, there’s a chance you’ve at least been in a fender bender. If you’ve never been in an accident, we’re going to layout and unfortunate, but all too common scenario: You’re driving along on a sunny […]

Best 4K Dash Cam in 2021 Thinkware U1000

Looking for ways to upgrade your driving experience in 2021? Then purchasing a dash cam should be on the top of your list. Having a high-quality dash camera installed in your car makes your driving considerably safer, prevents any acts of vandalism and gives you the peace of mind you have been craving. If this […]

Benefits of a Dash Cam in the Winter

When the weather outside is frightful…make sure you’re well-equipped to stay safe. Rain, snow, and sleet make the roads slick and slippery each winter, and too many drivers lose control when their vehicle loses traction. Fortunately, installing a dash cam is one of the best ways to prepare for driving in inclement weather. It helps […]

Dash Cam Buyers Guide

Buy A Dash Cam We at Safe Drive Solutions know how it feels when you are new to the dash cam market and are looking for your first dash camera. For this very reason, we have gathered some of the most crucial aspects you should pay attention to when choosing to buy a dash cam. […]

Why Get Professional Dash Cam Installation

Professional dash cam installation is vitally important to ensuring that your camera functions at top capacity. A dash cam is a camera mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard. It is designed to accurately record the details of the road. Most individuals invest in them to be their “silent witness” and to serve as a record of […]

Dash Cams record while parked

Dash cams are very useful. It records virtually even while parked. Are you curious to know about the ‘Parking Mode?’ It is available in premium dash cameras that it provides protection around-the-clock, and you can enjoy vehicle surveillance at all times. What is the dash cam parking mode? Parking mode is when a dash cam […]

How to buy dash camera channels

Dash Cameras are available in many different configurations. You can buy dash cameras in the following channel configurations. 1 channel– Forward Facing 2 channel -Forward Facing and Rear Facing 2 channel with interior camera – Forward facing and an interior infrared camera typically common for rideshare drivers Below I will discuss the differences between all […]

Dash Cam Resolution 1080P vs 2k vs 4k

When shopping for a Dash Camera, one of the first numbers you will see is the video resolution. There are many different resolutions you will see on the market such as 720P, 1080P, 2k, and most recently 4K. Here at Safe Drive Solutions, we offer many models of Dash Cams which vary between 1080P, 2K […]

Why you need a Dash Cam

A dash cam, do you really need it? The answer is Yes. It is a device mounted on the windshield of a vehicle. The dash cam has a careful design that it records every detail on the road, acting as a silent witness. Are you an Uber/Lyft driver who has an invested interest in your […]

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