Fleet Services

Fleet Services with Unparalleled Satisfaction

Optimize driving routes, provide better customer service, and keep track of your drivers with Fleet Services. Give your drivers more protection and confidence. Install Safe Drive Solutions to your entire fleet of cars, so they know they are always covered. Our accessories include:

GPS Tracking:

Always know where your vehicles are located and prevent vehicle theft, optimize driver routes, and provide improved customer service.

Back-up Cameras:

Improve your fleet’s safety by increasing your driver’s vehicle awareness to aid with parking and prevent accidents.

Dash Cameras:

Monitor your forward surroundings to ensure your vehicle is safe when left parked or unattended. Prepare yourself with proof in the event of an accident or vehicle break-in/theft.

Our industry solutions improve the management and monitoring of your fleet to better your business. Safe Drive Solutions is here to help. Put controls in place today to save you the costs of mistakes in the future.

Fleet Services

GPS Tracking, Heavy Duty Cameras, & Dash Cam’s

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GPS Tracking

Location, Location, Location. Never guess where your vehicle is located, when you have the power of GPS Tracking. There are endless uses for GPS trackers such as knowing where your spouse, kids, and drivers are at all times. Trackers have a multitude of features you might have never thought of. Let’s say you have a new teenage driver in the house, and want to keep a close eye on their driving behaviour. At your fingertips, you have the ability to see how fast a vehicle has been driven, the current location, previous location if the vehicle exited a set boundary (geo-fencing) and much more. For fleet services know where all your drivers are to ensure an on time delivery, ensure they are taking responsibility in taking adequate rest. Know your vehicle’s location at all times and or to keep track of users of said vehicles

● Prevent vehicle theft:

“Every year, millions of vehicles are stolen around the world and over 60% of them are never found. If the vehicle is found, it’s likely to have been damaged in some way (fire to try and get rid of it or mechanical defect due to a mismanagement of the vehicle). The cost can be both financial and emotional for the vehicle owner. At Safe Drive Solutions, we believe that purchasing a GPS Tracker can avoid both the emotional and financial toll car theft can have. Installing a GPS Tracker on your vehicle means that, in the event of theft, your vehicle will be
easily and quickly located by law enforcement officers.”

● Never lose your car again

Whether you just parked for the first time in a new area, or forgotten to take a picture of the road name. Or maybe you just forgot to look at the number on the wall next to your car in the shopping centre’s car park. A GPS tracker can save you all that of time and worry. No more panicked call to tell your partner that someone stole the car!

● Keeping your teens safe:

It can be nerve-wracking not to know where your kids are going or who they are with, when they borrow your car . To allay your fears, discreetly insert a GPS tracker in or under the car and voila! You’ll be given real-time updates for real peace of mind.

● Fleet management:

If you own or manage company vehicles, a GPS tracker is the best fleet management tool. This will allow you to optimize driver routes and provide improved customer service, with real-time updates re: order delivery.

“If you are looking to improve supply chain efficiency or your relationship with your teen, check
out our market-performing GPS trackers here.”

Back up Cameras

As backup cameras become standard equipment on the majority of new vehicles, some older vehicles don’t always have the latest technology. A backup camera is simply a camera that is mounted on the back end of a vehicle, and it enables you to have a view of the back of the vehicle, while at the driver seat. The image can be displayed through your rear view mirror, or even on your radio. A rear camera is more useful than just seeing the back of your vehicle. You can see parking lines, curbs, objects, even vehicles that are passing on by.

Advance Safety

  • Increase back of vehicle awareness
  • Parking aid
  • Accident prevention

Backing out of the parking stall at the grocery market can be tricky. You have other people walking behind your vehicle, kids, carts, and other cars driving by. Nobody wants an accident to happen. That is why at Safe Drive Solutions we recommend installing a rear vision camera. A rear vision camera gives you a perspective of the rear of your vehicle. The back of your vehicle is a blind spot that you can not see. We have cameras that give up to 180 degree horizontal view. Take advantage of a face to face video consultation so we can assess your vehicle and get you a proper solution.

Dash Cameras

Imagine you’re driving down the road at 60km/hr, and out of bushes emerges a black bear. You immediately slam on your brakes and you are in complete awe. Stunned by the adrenaline rush, you don’t even consider taking your phone to start recording. Had a dash camera been present, unique moment as such would have been captured for memories. After-all moments like this do not happen often.

A dash camera is not only good for bears jumping in front of your car. Your vehicle is parked and left unattended. As you finish your errands, you come back to your vehicle only to notice damages from a hit and run. That would be a terrible experience to encounter. Our team at Safe Drive Solutions offer various dash cameras that can record such incidents.

If a quality camera solution was in place, the license plate of the fleeing vehicle would have been captured, and prevented an increase in your insurance premiums. This is only one of the many benefits of owning a dash camera.

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