Best Dash Cam For Uber

best uber dash cam

Best Dash Cam For Uber

Why would anyone get a dash cam for driving Uber, Lyft, or Taxi? The real answer is why would you not. Life of a taxi driver involves lots of driving. Whether it be in food delivery or getting someone from point A to point B you are behind the wheel driving. Accidents can happen in a split second and recalling all those details can be a challenge. Let’s explore some of the best dash cam for Uber.

Thinkware FA200 Rideshare Package

One of the more popular names in dash cam is Thinkware. As I often say they are the Kleenex of dash cameras. Choosing this unit is a step up on all the $49 to $99 specials on Amazon. So why would you buy this package? Firstly, you get everything you need right in the box. Front dash camera, interior infrared camera, SD card, and power cord.

Secondly, the interior camera gives you the flexibility to mount it at a different height. There is a lot of all-in-one camera solutions where you need to mount the dash camera low on the windshield. As a result, blocking your view. You must do this for the interior camera to function correctly. However, with Thinkware you need not worry. Giving you 18″ of cable length to decide on where to mount your interior camera.

Lastly, this unit has a front 1080P camera and 720P interior infrared camera. You may have heard me say infrared earlier and may be wondering why? If you are driving clients while dark out most cameras will not pick up any video footage of the interior. Which in turn completely defeats the purpose of having a dash cam. During your drive the camera will pick up heat signatures of people in your vehicle so if any funny business happens you will catch it on camera. Let’s continue to explore our best dash cam solutions for Uber.

thinkware fa200 interior dash cam package

IROAD X5 Taxi Uber Lyft Package

IROAD has recently launched a top quality dash cam. That is to say, I am excited to show you the infrared camera add on. Above all, it will work with IROAD X5, T10S2, and the X10. So if you already have one of the cameras and have decided to drive Uber. You can now replace your rear camera with this add on. Most importantly, you can now have a 4K front camera and 1080P interior cam if you wish.

Why would you want this X5 combo? Certainly, the upgrade to 1080P interior camera is well worth it. The difference in clarity between Thinkware and IROAD is quite impressive. First time I installed one of these for a client I was surprised by the quality. My immediate thoughts were everyone should be buying this unit. After all, you won’t be disappointed. There are also some switches on the back of the unit. It allows you to change the Up/Down and Left/Right adjustment allowing for small subtle changes depending on your mounting location.

uber dash cam iroad

GNET G-ON3 2K 3 Channel Dash Cam

There are many reason why people strive for perfection. GNET has done just that. With in my opinion the best Uber dash cam package available.

3 channel installed into Toyota

Sony Starvis

Firstly, the GNET packs a 2K front camera with Sony Starvis image sensor. This guarantees ultimate sharpness and night time image quality. It will record the the brightest and cleanest images even in low light.

sony starvis

Newest Video Codec

GNET G-ON3 uses the newest video codec. What this means for you? H.265 will give you twice as much recording capacity. It means that users can use 128GB SD card as 256GB SD card. HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding.

h265 compression

Wide Viewing Angle

Excessive angle of view refracts the image, causing side effects such as distortion and loss of distance. The GNET system has an optimal shooting angle of 140 degrees and Interior infrared with a 180-degree angle of view. The situation of side accidents is recorded more reliably, and images without distortion of left / right / up / down are provided.

Real HDR

Real HDR is installed to remove light blurring when driving at night, and it shows clear recording quality in various lighting conditions such as backlight and tunnels.

gon real hdr


In short, there are many dash cams to choose from out there. We feel this is the best Uber Dash Cam available today from our experience.


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