About Us

About Us

My name is Benjamin DelGrosso. I am a self-motivated manager with 22 years of experience working in various fields, including customer service, merchandising, inventory and operational management, sales planning, project management, installation and training.

I believe in infusing creativity and innovation into my business.

My Team

My team comprises of professional experts. We are reliable, transparent, and always available. Being a strong strategic planner and a problem solver, I strive to build an effective team dedicated to sharing their skills and expertise. I also excel at building and retaining high-performance teams. It is one of the reasons our customers are highly satisfied with our services. Our team ensures complete professionalism.

With Safe Drive Solutions, you’ll get top quality products and service.


At Safe Drive Solutions, I want to offer peace of mind. Picture these scenarios:

You find a dent in your car at a parking lot after a long day.

You’re in a car accident arguing over who was at fault.

You’re worried about lending a friend your car.

Each incident is stressful. They add to your long list of worries. This is why I developed Safe Drive Solutions. I want to improve the safety of vehicles everywhere for everyone.

Driving can be dangerous. With my extensive experience, I understand that customers need safety and peace of mind. I also know that in addition to the product, the quality of service matters. Which is why I guarantee that Safe Drive Solutions offers both a high-end product as well as best-in-class service.

Be prepared to capture any moment with quality dash cam services. Make your rides safer with proof from our cameras. Safe Drive Solutions offers essential accessories for your car.

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Safe Drive Solutions is an efficient company offering accessories that are compact and fit any car.

  • The dash cam sits on the front view mirror without disrupting your view.
  • The back-up cam sits at the license plate, barely noticeable.
  • The GPS tracker hides in plain sight.

Each item fits right in your car. Safety you won’t even notice!

We supply and install Dash Cameras for automotive, fleet, and heavy-duty commercial equipment to increase safety for everyone. Sign up for a quote today.

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