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Thinkware QA100 Elite Front & Rear Package

The Thinkware QA100 Elite is an excellent dash cam option for your car as it can continue recording when your vehicle is parked, giving you protection 24 hours a day. The camera records incidents that are far more likely to happen when you are not around, such as vandalism or attempted theft. It ultimately gives you the upper hand in any legal disputes, as well as when dealing with insurance. It is becoming increasingly common for your insurance company to ask for video evidence. And our one-of-a-kind product has already helped multiple clients deal with instances of vandalism.

With its 2K front camera, 1080p rear camera, as well as its capacity for excellent night vision (all of which remain excellent if you download the footage to your computer), this is a favorite amongst our clients and always our first recommendation. If you are looking for quality, this dash cam will win every time.

Here at Safe Drive Solutions, we specialize in selling and installing premium dash cams with superior service. We deliver high-quality cams, and come to your house to install your products. We also spend up to 30 minutes, showing you how the dash camera works. Our goal is to provide you with the relevant information on how it can help you protect against vehicle theft, vandalism, car accidents, wildlife accidents, and more. Dash cameras are a great way to make your driving experience safer and more assuring, and you won’t find a better service than Safe Drive Solutions.

Electric Vehicles

We are more than happy to install dash cameras for electric vehicles.

Polarized Filter

The polarized filter gives you superior video quality by eliminating windshield glare and reducing reflections. Moreover, it corrects imperfect or overexposed footage, enhances color saturation, and improves clarity.

Super Night Vision

The night vision will allow your dash cam to adjust exposure in low light environments automatically. It ensures your video quality remains excellent in all conditions.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi allows drivers to adjust settings and download footage via your mobile phone quickly.

Record While Parked

Recording while parked includes features, such as Impact Detection, Motion Detection, Time Lapse, and Energy saving, ensuring your vehicle always remains protected. This mode will cause the camera to activate upon sensing movement, otherwise remaining in sleep mode to conserve battery life.

The motion detection feature will record 10 seconds before the incident, giving maximum opportunity to catch any important footage. The time-lapse option will record two frames per second.

Security LED

Acting as a deterrent to thieves, the front camera flashes LED light to indicate the presence of a dash camera.